Geography has been at the forefront of many an ACE student’s mind lately, thanks to the National Geographic Geography Bee and the Geography Question of the Day!

For the past several weeks, I’ve posted a new Geography Question of the Day on my office door.  Over 75 students attempted to answer such questions as “Which continent is the world’s largest producer of gold?” and “What country, formerly part of the Soviet Union, shares its name with a US state?”  (In case you’re wondering, the answers are Africa and Georgia.)  The student with the most correct answers at each grade level:  Ethan Siebel, Patrick McDonald, and Daniel Fried.

The classroom rounds of the National Geographic Geography Bee took place last week, and our school championship took place yesterday.   Congratulations to Catherine Norton, Brendan Schwefler, and Finn Driggers who tied for fourth place.  Max Boyack and Luke Reitinger finished in third and second places, respectively.  And our school champion is fourth grader Ben Martin!


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