Spontaneous Round-up Deserves a Round of Applause!

If you were anywhere near the TJ cafeteria on Saturday you no doubt heard a buzz of excitement as a dozen Odyssey of the Mind teams solved lots of  “spontaneous” problems in preparation for the competition on March 15th.

The event was a huge success for which loads of thank yous are in order.  First and foremost, I’d like to thank Amy Trombo and Mandy Lindly who put in countless volunteer hours preparing all the problems and coordinating logistics.  It was a big undertaking and they both selflessly gave of their time.

There were also several station masters who ran the problems and, more importantly, provided valuable feedback to TJ’s OM teams.  Thanks to Greg Anderson, Hal Swetnam, Gwyn Hicks, Richard Baum, Joann Shin, Anne Craig, Amy Trombo, Mandy Lindly, Kasey Flanagan and Stacey Vagoun for running stations.

And thank you, as well, to Mike Trauberman who jumped in wherever and whenever he was needed, including hanging around to help put away all those chairs!  Thanks to fifth grader Jack Lindly for lending a hand with clean up, too!  Last, but not least, thank you to the team escorts and coaches who helped get the kids to the spots they needed to be all afternoon!


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