App-ealing Apps!

My iPad is filled with a number of apps that are great for gifted kids.  Among my current favorites:

NonoLogix:  Sad, but true — I spend WAY too much time on this app in the evening.  Nonograms are logic puzzles.  Each nonogram consists of a grid and sequences of numbers dictating which squares in the grid need to be filled in order to create an image.

Pixelogic Daily:  Okay, it’s another nonogram app…  for when you just can’t get enough!

Trainyard:  Build tracks that will help the trains successfully make it to the station.  It starts easy, but gets trickier and trickier!

Tinkerbox HD:  Use winches, compressed springs, and other elements to get a ball into a can.  There’s also an invent mode which allows the user to create their own original invention!

Aqueduct:  Get the water into the drain by creating a successful aqueduct.

Set Pro HD:  Set is one of my favorite games.  This app offers a variety of ways to play!

Toy Physics:  A fun way to explore physics concepts.

Night Sky:  How awesome to point your iPad at the night sky and get immediate feedback about what you’re viewing!  Head out to Sky Meadows and use this app to identify stars, constellations, planets, and more!

Chicktionary:  A fun word game based on anagrams.  The player is provided a set of letters and must find all of the hidden words which can be made from those letters.

Chocolate Fix:  An on-line version of the Think Fun logic game.  Follow the clues to determine where each chocolate needs to go in a box.

Rush Hour:  All the fun of the classic game without the annoying plastic cars all over the house and under your feet!

Other suggestions?  I’d love to hear ’em!


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