Summer’s Just Around the Corner

All this cold weather might make you feel like summer will never arrive, but it’s closer than it seems.  Which means now’s the time to start applying for summer camps and programs.  You’ve already heard about the Johns Hopkins CTY classes and the UVA Summer Enrichment Program.  I’ve compiled a few more summer offerings worth checking out.  In most cases, you can already start applying (or will be able to do so in early to mid-February!).

The Smithsonian is an incredible resource right in our backyard.  Among its offerings are a chance for your child to design and program a robot, delve into the tricks of the espionage trade, or make an original version of a muppet show.  You can check out those classes by clicking here:  Smithsonian Summer Camp

At Summer Safari Day Camp, your child will have the chance to learn about animals right at the zoo!  Not only will they learn about the lives of the animals, they’ll find out about their habitats, as well as related conservation issues.  Here’s how to find out more:  Summer Safari Day Camp

Your child can develop a disguise, create ciphers (and decipher others!), learn all about escape techniques, and make clever use of a variety of spy gadgets at Spy Camp.  To find out more, just click on this link:  Spy Camp

Singing!  Writing!  Cooking!  Engineering!  Dancing!  George Mason University has it all!  The 2014 offerings won’t be posted until March, but in the meantime, you can check out their past offerings:  George Mason University Summer Camps & Youth Programs

What was life like for a Civil War Soldier?  This camp at Fort Ward Museum and Historic Site is a perfect chance to find out.  Your child will do a little drilling, a little marching, play some 19th century games, and meet reenactors.  Space is limited, so early registration is important.  Here’s the link:  Civil War Kids’ Mini-Camp

At Camp Shakespeare, your child will explore Shakespeare through a variety of themes.  A showcase of scenes will be presented at the end of the experience.  Thou may signeth up here:  Camp Shakespeare

Mad Science classes will give your young scientist the chance to build rockets, explore circuitry, build bridges, domes, cubes, pyramids and more!  Find the fun by clicking here:  Mad Science

Falls Church’s own Creative Cauldron does an amazing job!  I’ve seen lots of TJ students in performances, and the productions have never failed to impress!  Get your child involved by checking out this link:  Creative Cauldron

If I were 7 years old, I’d want to build an alligator out of Legos, especially if it had jaws that clamped shut when a motion detector sensed something was nearby!  That’s the sort of cool activity available via Fun Bot Lab Robotics and Media Camp.  Read more at their website:  Fun Bot Lab

Technology is Cool.  And that’s not just my personal opinion — it’s the name of a camp set in nearby McLean.  What’s different about this camp is that your child will spend 1/2 of the day exploring animation, robotics, filmmaking, or some other aspect of technology and the other 1/2 of the day engaged in sports activities.  Here’s where to learn more:  Technology is Cool

Wouldn’t it be incredible to live like they did during the colonial era?  (Okay, except for the plumbing issues, perhaps…)  Well, at Claude Moore Colonial Farm, you and your child can dip candles, keep the cook fire burning all night, dig a slit trench (see what I mean about the plumbing?), and generally immerse yourself for one whole weekend in colonial living!  Find out more here:  Claude Moore Colonial Farm

Back in the day, acting troupes wandered from town to town staging theater productions.  If your child becomes a member of the Traveling Players Ensemble, he’ll have the chance to do the same!  The Traveling Players Ensemble was selected as a “Summer School in the Arts” by the NEA.  Click here to find out more:  Traveling Players Ensemble


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