Spreading the Love!


I have always been amazed by the quality of TJ’s teachers, but never before have I been so appreciative.  This year they have really stepped up to support the ACE program by providing enrichment services during Tiger Pause, continuing to differentiate the standard curriculum, and generally appreciating and applauding the many talents and skills of all of our TJ students.

I’ve heard from so many of you in the past few months, as well, about how grateful you’ve been for the extra care a teacher has used with your child.  And I’ve certainly heard from loads of kids thrilled with the learning opportunities presented at TJ.  They come to class bubbling over with excitement about their element or colonial day preparation or the ancient civilizations feast.

So, when I saw that the Virginia Lottery is looking to name a Virginia Super Teacher, I thought some of you might want to take a few minutes to celebrate your child’s teacher through the nomination process.  In addition to basic info (name, school, etc.), you just have to answer four short questions about the teacher you are honoring.  The questions focus on the teacher’s commitment, innovation, creativity, and parental involvement/communication.  Bonus:  there is a 100 character limit for each answer, making the process as easy as pie!

The deadline is this Friday, February 14th.  Now wouldn’t this be a wonderful Valentine for a deserving teacher?!  Just click here to honor someone:  Virginia Super Teacher 


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