Celebrating, well…everybody!

(Or at least it seems that way)! Give an ACE kid an opportunity and they’ll generally run with it. Add an amazing amount of support from parents and teachers and you definitely have a formula for success!

First, some Math Olympiad celebrations are in order. We held our last contest this past week and several students managed to earn that elusive perfect score. Congratulations to Emilia Cipriano, Troy Ehrlich, Sneha Parthasarathy, Evan Lankford, Daniel Ng, Nick Sharrer, Jack Brown, Brendan Schwefler and James Trombo!

Now that the final test is complete, I can also reveal the winners of the trophy at each grade level. Griffin Harrison will receive a trophy for the highest score amongst TJ 4th graders; Joe Carpenter and Nick Sharrer tied for that honor on the fifth grade team.

Second, if you know anything about me in mid-March, you know my life is all about Odyssey of the Mind. That’s because the huge OM Regional Tournament takes place. As a matter of fact, the big event was this past Saturday and the TJ kids did an outstanding job! I was standing at the back of the auditorium during the awards ceremony and I heard someone say, “Why does Thomas Jefferson win so much?” I could have explained that it’s because we have incredibly dedicated and supportive parents who give countless hours serving as coaches. Or I could have told them about Amy Trombo, our PTA coordinator, who rarely seems to sleep and gives of herself wholeheartedly. I could have added that you just need to know the amazing kids at TJ to understand our success. But I didn’t have time for that because¬†I was frantically scribbling down the names of all the TJ kids being called to the stage! EVERYONE involved deserves a round of applause. Here, however, are the top scoring teams:

These teams all won third place:

1. Ethan Bartlett, Terah Nguyen, Jason Suzuki, Tucker Ward, Kalina Neubert, Garon Neubert, and Liliana Sgriccia were coached by Gene Suzuki.

2. Katharine Hart, Emma Hart, Maddie Deering, Maeve Dodge, Annie Moore, Liv Scappa, and Sarina Winters were coached by John Hart.

3. Avery Ruby, Amalia Alexander, Emma Ward, Olivia Rissetto, Eleanor Geiser, and Allison Smith were coached by Kevin Ruby.

4. Ben Martin, Bronte Patch, Hunter Hicks, Lily Ramirez, Jack Biggs, Nile de Carvalho, and Ellie O’Neill were coached by Susan Martin.

And these teams won second place:

1. James Trombo, Daniel Ng, William Ng, Daniel Trauberman, Parker Anderson, Celia Constance, and Kimberly Sanchez were coached by Amy Trombo.

2. Charlie Adams, Tessa Boneau, Becky Rasmussen, Carter Mackinnon, Katherine Stevens, Aidan McCoy, and Max Vagoun were coached by Mary Stevens.

3. Sam Tombul, Alec Autor, Nick Sharrer, Dmitri Modell, Julian Tucker, Jack Barnes, and Noah Heffernan were coached by Bridget Tombul.

Finally, we had two teams win first place. One was a team made up entirely of TJ kids; the other was a joint TJ-MEH team. Heading to the state level of competition in April:

1. Emilia Cipriano, Mia Green, Constance Meade, Callie Russell, Siri Grund, Alexis Holewinski, and Maryn Hiscott were coached by Tony Cipriano.

2. Ethan Siebel and Paulo Costa were coached by Esther Wisdom.

I would be remiss if I ended this post without also thanking the TJ staff members who gave up a Saturday (sometimes two!) to help with OM. A huge thanks to: Steve Erick, for stepping in as a judge; Bob Palermo, Jennie Ehrenzeller, and Lisa Allan, who worked the registration desk like pros; Mary Kay Howard, for helping with the Spontaneous problem; and Shelly Skomra and Mary Kelly, for walking about 15 miles around and around and around West Potomac picking up scores and delivering them to the score room.


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