Final Math Olympiad Results

At least once a day I’m stopped by a fourth or fifth grader asking if the final Math Olympiad results have been posted.  Well, today’s the day and the results are exciting!

Thirty-three students participated in Math Olympiad this year and a ridiculous number of them have won prizes!

MO students win a patch if they earn a score placing them in the top 50% of the kids around the world taking the test.  A score of 50% is pretty remarkable considering we are competing against other 4th, 5th AND 6th graders.  These TJ students will earn patches for their impressive accomplishment:  James Trombo, Zain Hameed, Andrew Lester, Elisabeth Snyder, Becky Rasmussen, Jakub Leski, Tyler Bledsoe, Nate Jaramillo, Callie Russell, Annika Bjorklund, Troy Ehrlich, Zoraida Icabalceta, and Ben Martin.

In addition to a patch, the following students will earn a silver pin for placing in the top 10% of competitors around the world:  Nate Kusic, Joe Carpenter, Nick Sharrer, Brendan Schwefler, Paulo Costa, Jack Brown, Tyler Bledsoe, Cole Tarter, Daniel Ng, Grace Tarpgaard, Sneha Parthasarathy, Mia Green, Katherine Donovan, Emilia Cipriano, Megan Boesen, Janine Anderson, Evan Lankford, and Ethan Siebel (competing on the middle school team).

We also have one student who earned a score placing him in the top 2% of competitors.  Griffin Harrison will earn a gold pin for his performance.

WOW!  Congratulations to everyone for their hard work and success!


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