Yep. We rock.

Any time I start reeling out statistics about how the ACE kids perform in any given situation it’s pretty astounding.  The final Word Masters Challenge results are no exception.  In a nutshell:

We have 23 — yep, 23 — ACE kids who made it into the top 10% of all competitors nationally.  Congratulations to:  Sean Lester, Daniel Fried, Isabel Costa, Jay Humphreys, Aarti Sabharwal, Brandon Werbel, Amalia Alexander, Griffin Harrison, Katharine Hart, Hunter Hicks, Ben Martin, Avery Ruby, Nicholas Teply, Liam Timar-Wilcox, Alec Autor, Joe Carpenter, Katherine Donovan, Maryn Hiscott, Jakub Leski, Sneha Parthasarathy, Callie Russell, Elisabeth Snyder and Jack Villa.

And as if that weren’t enough, another 6 ACE kids earned scores placing them in the top 2% of all competitors.  Congratulations to:  Coral Rankin, Paulo Costa, Anna Teply, Evan Lankford, Ariana Hameed, and Zain Hameed.

Everyone mentioned above will receive a certificate to honor their accomplishment and medals will be given to the high scorers from each grade level (Brandon Werbel, Anna Teply, Ariana Hameed, Evan Lankford, and Zain Hameed) at the assembly on the last day of school.



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