Fifth graders have spent a few weeks creating Claymation videos.  They may be short, but even 15 seconds of video required planning, organization, and team work.  Two of the groups started their videos by researching the California Gold Rush.  When tasked to highlight some of the discoveries they made in the process of researching, we ended up with videos featuring exploding fruit juice (apparently quite the danger when traveling by ship to the gold fields of California!), wolf attacks (life in a mining camp was dangerous!), exhausted prospectors (backbreaking work, you know), and lots of red flannel shirts (the stylistic choice of many a 49er). 

Another group was required to incorporate math in some way.  So we ended up with a couple of fun videos featuring a pizza parlor (because what reference to fractions would be complete without a pizza involved?), a volcano spewing numbers (thank goodness for the hero at the end of the video), and a face-off between the tortoise and the hare (you’ll love his moonwalking to the finish line!).

The kids in the last group were the victims of numerous Monday cancellations.  With limited time to produce a masterpiece, they were given free reign over what was featured in their videos.  So we have a suspenseful tale of a fish narrowly escaping from a campfire with his life, a birthday party with an appearance by the Pizza Fairy, Persephone’s peaceful day being disrupted by a fall into the gates of Hades, and more!

Grab some popcorn, settle into a comfy chair, and start clicking to enjoy our creations!  The ACE YouTube Channel


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