WordMasters Challenge™ Season is Here!

The WordMasters Challenge™ is a national vocabulary competition in which students complete analogies to earn points. Meets are held right here at TJ three times per year.   After students download the appropriate word lists from the ACE Website, it’s time to get to work!   They’ll need to learn the words in all their forms and prepare to use them in analogies on a test to be administered in early December.

Any third, fourth, or fifth grade student who has been identified as Level 2 Humanities will be required to participate in the Word Masters Challenge this year. They will be introduced to the words during class, practice with analogies using the words, and take the test in December.  I’ve already introduced the words to some of the kids — the rest will get them next week!

If your child is not in ACE Level 2 Humanities, but you’d still like them to participate, just let me know.  When the week of testing arrives, I’ll make arrangements with their teacher for testing.  You’ll need to get the words from my website and prepare your child.

All of the Word Masters Challenge word lists can be accessed on the ACE Website .


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