Trick or Treat

Trick: Looking up WordMasters words in the dictionary.  Let’s face it — reading the dictionary can be fun, experimenting with words can be fun, taking on a new challenge can be fun, but looking up 25 words?  Not so much fun.

Treat:  The Wordsmyth Glossary MakerIt’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!  (1) Type in your WordMasters challenge words,  (2) select from options like definition, synonym, antonym, similar word, and related word, and (3) print.  I wish I had found this years ago (and I bet some of your kids do, too!) 

TrickA globe with a missing equator, a cracked northern hemisphere, and the Soviet Union still indicated as a country…

Treat:  The generous parent of a 4th grader who sent me a brand new, up to date globe (complete with equator!).  THANK YOU!

Trick:  A schedule that conflicts with Mrs. Green’s.

Treat:  A cancellation in my schedule on Tuesday let me check out the awesome things she’s doing with small group ACE kids in 2nd grade.  It appears that Jack Jones of “Jack and the Beanstalk” fame is on trial.  When I last saw them, the kids were busy preparing questions for the defendant.  Bonus treat:  I got to see the generous nature of our parents in action as the mom of a 2nd grader helped the kids learn about her job as a lawyer.

Trick:  An ACE budget that’s already down to $5.93.

Treat:  Great programs like the PTA Teacher’s Wish List, PTA Grants, and Donors Choose allow me to find alternative funding sources to help implement new and creative ideas with your children.




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