Dates, Dates, and More Dates

1. The National Geographic Geography Bee:   Classroom rounds will take place in all 4th and 5th grade rooms on December 17th. The top ten scorers from across the 4th and 5th grade will participate in the school championship round. The National Geographic web site has a Daily Quiz your child might want to try!

2. Math Olympiad: The first test is taking place next week! All Level 2 Math ACE students will take the test during their regularly scheduled ACE time block.  For your reference, Monday is an “I” Day, Tuesday is a “G” Day, Wednesday is an “E” Day, Thursday is an “R” Day, and Friday is an “S” Day.

3. Word Masters Challenge: All Level 2 Humanities ACE students will be taking the first Word Masters Challenge between November 24th (a TJ Day) and December 5th (an S Day). Level 1 Huma nities ACE students who elected to participate will be pulled for testing within that window of time. A practice analogy test using Word Masters Challenge words will be posted to Schoology in the near future!


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