What in the World?!

How can that be?!  Is it true?  Does TJ really have 17 students advancing to the school semi-final round of the National Geographic Geography Bee?

You read that correctly!  We had seventeen fourth and fifth graders go through seven rounds of questions in the classroom without missing a single question!  When we return to school in January those kids will join me for yet another round of competition and the field will be narrowed down to a group of ten finalists in preparation for the school finals.

Congratulations to fifth graders Samuel Salin, Ruben Rodriguez, Javier Gonzalez-Messmer, Joshua Stillwagoner, Liam Timar-Wilcox, Nicholas Parente, Amalia Alexander, Will Atkeson, Nico Braverman, Maddie Deering, Maeve Dodge, and Pato Whitaker, and fourth graders Isabel Costa, Jia Park, Halen Leavitt, Alexis Niemi, and Alex Perez!

image      image


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