Happy New Year, Happy New Tiger Pause!

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It’s a new year which means new Tiger Pause units!  Fifth graders have launched into one of my all time favorite units — Create a Country.  Each fifth grade ACE student will be selecting a land mass and then developing everything a new country might need – money, a flag, a national anthem, and more.  As the kids discover their geographic neighbors, they’ll no doubt have an issue or two to tackle!  This unit is always one of the students’ favorites and a great opportunity for creativity to merge with learning.

Some fourth graders have been accepted into the fictional (yet fun!) 1/2 Baked University.  They will be exploring concepts and solving problems related to fractions as they strive to earn a graduate degree in fractionology.  Last year the program even produced a doctoral candidate or two — who will they be this year?!  I guess we’ll find out at the graduation ceremony at the end of the unit… If your fourth grader is identified for ACE in the area of math only, then 1/2BU is where he or she will be matriculating for the next trimester!

The other fourth grade ACE students will be engaged in a unit called Meet the Press.  Students working with Mr. Carey or Ms. Gandy will be taking a looking at current events and not-so-current events!  They’ll cast their eye to world news through a current events discussion program called, appropriately enough, News Currents.    They’ll also travel back in time to become eyewitnesses to historical news events.  The fourth graders will research a variety of historical topics (Jackie Robinson’s debut on the Dodgers, the sinking of the Titanic, the Irish Potato Famine, and more!) and will then hold Meet the Press panel discussions featuring the likes of Michelangelo, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Eric the Red!

Third graders will spend the next several weeks participating in a unit entitled Exploration Earth. an extension of the classroom unit which looks at four different explorers for the SOLs.  The idea of what it means to explore will be broadened, as the students follow the exploits of Marco Polo and examine exploration of space, the ocean, and more!


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