Rolling in Results

The second Word Masters Challenge is now complete and the results are in. 

Up first…fifth grade:

Scores on Challenge #2 ranged from 11 – 19 (out of 20).  Congratulations to Lily Ramirez who earned the only 19 in fifth grade.  Our team score, 175, was created using our highest scores, courtesy of Lily Ramirez, Amalia Alexander, Ellie O’Neill, Avery Ruby, Nicholas Teply, Anna Teply, Katharine Hart, Coral Rankin, Liv Scappa, Ariana Hameed, Ben Martin, and Liam Timar Wilcox.

Our current leaders in fifth grade:  Anna Teply, Nicholas Teply, and Amalia Alexander.  All three have earned 34 points out of 40 for the year.  One more test to go!

Meanwhile, in fourth grade:

Scores on Challenge #2 ranged from 6 – 18 (out of 20).  Four fourth graders share the top spot with scores of 18.  Kudos to Julian Benton, Julian Quiroz, Isabel Costa, and Owen Bruce!  The fourth grade team score, 166, was created using the scores of Julian Benton, Julian Quiroz, Owen Bruce, Isabel Costa, Will Jacobson, Sean Lester, Alexandra Funk, Ryan Green, Deccan Maniam, Elijah Pelton, and Brandon Werbel.

Our current leaders in fourth grade:  Isabel Costa and Sean Lester.  They have both earned 34 out of 40 possible points so far!

And last, but not least, our third grade results:

Scores on Challenge #2 ranged from 10 – 19 (out of 20).  Two third graders pulled off the elusive 19 score.  Pretty amazing, Riley Chirico and Ketevan Gallagher!  Our team score of 176 was based on the scores of Riley Chirico, Ketevan Gallagher, Megan Carpenter, Logan Donley, Lucy Reed, Cassie DuBois, Amelia Hunkele, Kate Snyder, Maureen Tremblay, Colleen Carpenter, Robert Fritsch, Ella Huang, Henry Singh, Ava Smith, Will Sutton, and Joseph Ziayee.

Our current third grade high score belongs to Riley Chirico.  With a 35 out of 40, she’s only missed out on 5 points this year.

The fourth Math Olympiad test is also now complete.  Once again, TJ students posted some impressive results!  Fifth graders Nicholas Parente and Griffin Harrison both earned perfect scores of 5 on the test.  Four Olympiads have taken place thus far.  At this point, a perfect score would be 20.  Our fifth graders have scores ranging from 7 – 18.  Griffin Harrison is the current score leader on the fifth grade team.  

Four fourth graders earned scores of four (say that four times fast!).  Congratulations to Ryan Green, Graham Gaskins, Henry Hladky, and Jaden Shin.  Our fourth graders have progressive scores ranging from 5 – 14.  Henry Hladky and Jaden Shin are our current leaders among fourth grade team members. 




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