More Celebrations Are in Order

It seems like the celebrating never ends around here.  I’m surrounded on a daily basis by amazing kids doing amazing things!  Just yesterday I received an email detailing the final results of this year’s Math Olympiad season.  Bottom line:  the results are — you guessed it — amazing!  TJ’s team finished in the top 10% of competitive teams around the world and several team members received individual honors.

All participants will receive certificates.  In addition to the certificates, Alban Abalo, Matteo Chiappetta, Ben Martin, Patrick McDonald, Abbey Meighan, Bobby Miller, and Ricardo Quiroz will receive Math Olympiad patches for landing among the top 50% of all 5th grade competitors.  Ethan Bartlett, Matthew Bruno, Jonathan Buchholz, Isabel Costa, Grace Doolittle, Alexandra Funk, Graham Gaskins, Ryan Green, Oxley Greive, Oliver Hill, Victoria Lam, Sean Lester, Annalise Levitt, Deccan Maniam, Dasan Matthews, Danny Oppenheimer, Phoebe Way, Brandon Werbel, Natalie Williamson, and Claire Zywicki will receive Math Olympiad patches for placing in the top 50% of 4th grade competitors.

In addition to the certificates and patches, Nicholas Parente, Annika Bjorklund, Ethan Choi, Troy Ehrlich, Hunter Hicks, Nate Kusic, Henry Hladky and Jaden Shin will receive silver pins for earning scores in the top 10% of their respective grade levels.

Griffin Harrison will receive a gold pin for scoring in the top 2% internationally.  Wow!

Meanwhile, over on the verbal side of things, the final Word Masters Challenge of the season is complete.  The three challenges each required the kids to solve 20 analogies.  A perfect score for the season is 60.  While we didn’t have any 60’s, we did have several students who made their way into the 50’s with their solid performances.  A trio of girls topped the charts in 3rd grade.  Riley Chirico grabbed the top spot with her cumulative score of 52.  Not far behind was Lucy Reed, followed closely by Colleen Carpenter in third place.  Meanwhile, in 4th grade, Isabel Costa secured her 1st place finish with a score of 51.  Tied for second place honors were Sean Lester and Julian Quiroz.  Will Jacobson rounded out the top group with his third place finish.  5th graders tackled their last Word Masters Challenge season here at TJ, and it was Anna Teply who ended up on top with a final score of 53.  Amalia Alexander was only one point behind her.  And last, but definitely not least, Avery Ruby and Nicholas Teply nabbed third place honors.


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