Yikes! It’s a Yeti!

Third graders in Ms. Mavity’s and Mrs. Logan’s Tiger Pause classes have been hard at work creating yetis!  The yetis grew (and grew and grew…) out of the Project M3:  The Me in Measurement work the kids have been tackling this trimester.

Project M3 is a math curriculum created by staff at the University of Connecticut specifically for use with gifted students.  Throughout the Me in Measurement unit, 3rd grader ACE students have been hard at work measuring objects, making estimates, developing personal benchmarks, and focusing on accuracy.  Ms. Mavity and Mrs. Logan have taken the unit a step further by exploring ratio as part of the “Build a Yeti” project.  Students were teamed up to discuss which measurements they might need to make a yeti.  They recorded the necessary measurements on a chart, like Tilly, Kate, and Sean did here:


They then had to determine the size of a yeti’s body parts based on a 1:2 ratio.  (Although a few groups altered the ratio a tiny bit).  The next step in making a yeti?   Make a few body parts.  In these pictures, you can see Izzy measuring an arm and Joseph drawing a leg.

Joseph   IzzyAt last it was time for the kids to assemble their Yeti masterpieces!

IMG_20150423_111004_634       Jose     IMG_20150423_111116_193    



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