And….we’re off!

It’s been the usual busy start to the school year here at TJ.  We have lots of new students and I’ve been spending my time scouring files to see who might be a good fit for the ACE program, testing children as part of the screening program, monitoring the STAR results, and generally making lists (and checking them twice!).

The Level 2 classes are now up and running, and the Level 1 classes aren’t far behind.

Tiger Pause enrichment classes will begin for all ACE students during the first week of October.   Whether your child is planning a lunar colony, writing a novel, or exploring “Mystery Island” hopefully he or she will have fun with the many creative projects the classroom teachers will be offering!

All Level 2 ACE students will be participating in a unit on a particular aspect of thinking.  Third graders will focus on logical thinking, fourth graders will tackle symbolic thinking, and fifth graders start the year with a look at critical thinking. I think it’ll be a fun way to start the year!


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