And the Results are In!

Today brings to completion the first round of the Word Masters Challenge AND the first Math Olympiad.

Each Word Masters Challenge is composed of 20 multiple choice analogy questions.  Here at TJ, the average third grade score on the first challenge was 13.2, and our third graders’ scores ranged from 8 – 18.  Congratulations to Liliana Santos who earned the highest score in 3rd grade.  Just one point behind, in second place, was Anand Colby.  We had a tie for third place — jobs well done, Grace Kummer and Joe Kritenbrink!

The single hardest question on the 3rd grade test seemed to be:

of water : pool :: of land : ____

The correct answer for those of you familiar with the 3rd grade Word Masters Challenge words was, of course, plot.

The average fourth grade score came in slightly higher at 14.1.  The range of scores for our fourth graders went from 9 to 19.  Coming in at the top spot was Amelia Hunkele.  Jack Freas and Lucy Reed were just one point off the top spot, and our third place finishers were Ketevan Gallagher and Carlos Ortiz.

For fourth graders, the toughest question overall was:

of trouble : a deluge :: of emergencies : _____

The correct answer was “a rash”.

Fifth graders produced the same range of scores as the fourth graders, though their average score was a bit higher at 14.92.  In first place was Isabel Costa with her outstanding score of 19.  Alexandra Funk, Zoe Clement, and Kiana Collins all earned scores of 18, and Chloe Calabrese and Lilian Weiler rounded out the top three places with their strong 17s.

The biggest trouble spot for fifth grade test takers was question 10, which read:

calamity : setback :: _____

The required answer was mountain : hill.

Meanwhile, in the world of mathematics…the first Math Olympiad contest is now complete.  Scores ranged from 0 – 5.  The number of students earning perfect scores was, quite frankly, impressive!  A well deserved congratulations to Daniel Fried, Alexandra Funk, Graham Gaskins, Ryan Green, Henry Hladky, Sean Lester, Deccan Maniam, Joseph Ziayee, Tucker Albaugh, Tilly Gale, and Jack Loper!  Wow!


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