Math, Mesopotamia, and More!

It’s been another busy week in the ACE room!  Almost everyone has completed the Word Masters Challenge and we already have a couple of 19’s, so the results are looking good.  The rest of the testing will be completed next week and then I’ll get results out to all of you.

The testing filled most of the ACE block for third and fourth graders, but fifth grade humanities students took the challenge and then had a bit of time to start researching Mesopotamia.  Our favorite fun fact: trash in ancient Mesopotamia was just thrown out the front door — eventually the city would put a layer of clay over it and the street would gradually grow higher and higher!  Need to get to your front door?  No problem — just dig down!  A few more weeks of building background knowledge and then we’ll be starting our claymation project.  If any of you have boxes the size of a shoe box or smaller, send them in – we have some ziggurats to build!  Up next:  the Code of Hammurabi.

Lots of work with word problems focusing on consecutive numbers this week for 5th grade math kids; meanwhile, 4th graders spent time looking at problems requiring an understanding of divisibility rules.  A few of them had the chance to learn “short division” which certainly saved a lot of paper when solving a problem like 87,937,937,937,938 divided by 7.  Third grade ACE math kids had a lot of fun learning to read minds.  Okay, not really…  What they actually did was figure out the mathematics behind this website:  Crystal Ball Math.  Nine is a pretty amazing number!


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