Tiger Pause Update

There once were some students in ACE,

Writing was what they embraced.

Crafting poems galore,

They had fun for sure —

It showed in the smile on each face!

What inspired that bit of fluff and nonsense?  The Poetry Anthologies third grade ACE humanities students are busily creating!  One of the overarching goals of the gifted program here at TJ is to encourage creativity and to help kids continue to embrace words and develop a love of language.  That’s the primary function of the new unit being delivered during Tiger Pause.  Third graders have crafted limericks, designed clever shape poems, and dabbled in haiku.  They will continue to explore poetry throughout the trimester.  If all goes well (and I know it will!) each child will have a beautiful anthology of original poetry.

Third graders enrolled in an ACE math Tiger Pause session are using the Project M3 Me in Measurement unit. Project M3 is a math curriculum created by staff at the University of Connecticut specifically for use with gifted students.  Throughout the Me in Measurement unit, 3rd grade ACE students have been hard at work measuring objects, making estimates, developing personal benchmarks, and focusing on accuracy.  Students will take the unit a step further by exploring ratio as part of the “Build a Yeti” project.  They’ll team up to discuss which measurements they might need to make a yeti, record the necessary measurements on a chart, then determine the size of a yeti’s body parts based on an assigned ratio.  The next step in making a yeti?   Making a few body parts, naturally!

 Grade 4 ACE Humanities groups are in the midst of a unit called Meet the Press.  Students have been taking a look at some current events and some not-so-current events!   The kids have traveled back in time to become eyewitnesses to historical news events.  The fourth graders are busy researching a variety of historical topics (Jackie Robinson’s debut on the Dodgers, the sinking of the Titanic, the Irish Potato Famine, and more!) and will then hold Meet the Press panel discussions featuring the likes of Michelangelo, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Eric the Red!

Grade 4 ACE Math students are working on another Project M3 unit entitled  At the Mall with Algebra: Working with Variables and Equations.  The Project M3 curriculum has a heavy emphasis on being able to communicate ideas verbally and in written form, so as the students are introduced to algebraic thinking, their problem solving and math communication skills have been strengthening.  In the included “I’m Thinking of a Number” activities, the students were introduced to the idea of using a variable to represent changing quantities.  “Number Tricks” required students to write equations that represent a rule, and variables with specific values are explored through “Variable Puzzles”.

Fifth graders have launched into the ever popular Create a Country unit.  Each fifth grade ACE student has selected a land mass and is in the process of developing everything a new country might need – money, a flag, a national anthem, and more.  As the kids discover their geographic neighbors, they’ll no doubt have an issue or two to tackle!  This unit is always one of the students’ favorites and a great opportunity for creativity to merge with learning.


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