Word Masters Challenge Update

Two tests down, one to go….  You read that correctly – we are two-thirds of the way through the Word Masters Challenge season.  Out of 40 possible points so far, Anand Colby holds the current lead among 3rd graders with an impressive total of 31 points.  Three fourth graders are tied for the top spot in their grade level with 35 points each — congratulations to Jack Freas, Lucy Reed, and Kate Snyder.   And in 5th grade, Isabel Costa also has 35 points, putting her at the top of the charts.

The last set of Word Masters Challenge words have been released.  All Level 2 ACE Humanities students had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the words this week.  Some of the kids completed crossword puzzles, others sorted lists of words in search of synonyms, and a few told round robin stories starring everyone’s favorite character, Stickman.

In case your child’s words didn’t make it home, you can always find a copy at my website:  TJ ACE Website


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