Level 2 Updates

5th Grade

Math kids are just starting a mini unit entitled “Enigmathics”.  The premise is simple:  be amazed and delighted as Ms. Lang reads your mind or predicts your birthday or some other such nonsense, all using math skills.  Then (and this part is much more difficult!) crack the mathematical code that shows how the problem works…

Humanities students are continuing their Mesopotamia claymation projects.  Research is done, background scenery is almost complete, and after next week’s Word Masters Challenge, the kids will start crafting their priests, slaves, gods, oxen, and other characters out of clay!

4th Grade

In math, we’ve wrapped up Math Olympiad work for the year and have moved on to an exploration of patterns in math.  We’ll be using those patterns to help us solve some classic math problems!

Those kids identified in the humanities are continuing their “What in the World?” project.  They’ve been taking a look at what else was happening in the world around the time of the American Revolution and are busily working on scripts for our “18th Century News” broadcast.  After next week’s Word Masters Challenge, we’ll try to finalize our scripts and then start production.

3rd Grade

Third grade math students have been learning a great deal about the value of persistence in our spatial reasoning unit.  We’ve tried our hands at a variety of math problems and have discovered that “stick-to-it-iveness” usually results in an improvement in performance!  This lesson can be particularly difficult for kids who are used to immediate success.  We’ve taken 2-dimensional drawings and used them to craft 3-dimensional models, we’ve given Slitherlinks a go, and this week we’ve been noodling our noodles with Noodlers.

Kids in Level 2 humanities have had their ups and downs this week with the words “up” and “down”.  They were challenged to list as many expressions as they could using each word.  Long lists emerged of phrases like “clam up”, “man down!”, “up the creek without a paddle”, and “pineapple upside down cake”.  They’re now creating dialogues in which their characters can only speak using “up” or “down” phrases.  Hopefully there will be some time after next week’s Word Masters Challenge during which they can share their masterpieces!



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