Wow. Just wow.

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The Word Masters Challenge season closed with a bang.  Not one, not two, not three, but four – count ’em, four – students earned perfect scores!  It’s a feat so difficult that the Word Masters organization typically sends a press release when it occurs, so for four students to reach a perfect score of 20 is incredible!  Congratulations to fifth grader Jonathan Buchholz, fourth graders Maureen Tremblay and Sophia Huennekens, and third grader Kathryn Amen for their hard work throughout the season.

In other “wow” news, our Math Olympiad team, for only the 2nd time in TJ’s history, earned a plaque for having an overall team score placing TJ in the top 10% of teams internationally.  Three individual prizes for placing in the top 2% of the world will be distributed at the end of the year award’s assembly.  Congratulations to fifth grader Henry Hladky, fourth grader Tucker Albaugh, and third grader Eli Vennebush for their achievements.  Earning spots in the top 10% were fifth graders Deccan Maniam, Miki McCowan, Alexandra Funk, Sean Lester, Alexander Werner, and fourth graders Robert Fritsch and Jack Loper.  Nicely done, everyone!



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  1. Rohini Winters says:

    Congrats to all and we’ll done to coach and a TJ favorite, Heidi Lang!!



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