Wow. Just wow. The Math Kangaroo Edition.

Earlier this week I received the preliminary results from March’s Math Kangaroo competition. This year marked TJ’s first foray into the competition and the results were impressive!

Several third and fourth graders earned national rankings! Congratulations to Tucker Albaugh (4th), Robert Fritsch (5th), Ethan Bong (6th), Silas Brock (6th), Alina Chen (6th), David Ting (10th), Mya Taheri (11th), Maureen Tremblay (12th), William Sutton (13th), Ashwin Colby (13th), John Alverson (15th), Preston Lieu (15th), Christopher Draper (16th), Lydia Sturgill (17th), Domanic Zacharias Martin (17th), Henry Singh (17th), Tilly Gale (18th), Sam Casey (19th), and Edward Bogoslovskiy (19th).


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