Coming Soon to a Classroom Near You!

Tiger Pause classes start next week for all of the ACE students and loads of creative and enriching things will be happening all around the building!

Third Grade ACE students will be figuring out the lay of the land on Mystery Island, where they’ll find themselves shipwrecked.  The students will be locating bodies of water on Mystery Island, researching its various landforms and vegetation,  and exploring the average annual temperatures and rainfall for each of its regions.  Let’s hope it helps them determine where the best locations for settlements might be because a solid choice will lead to greater success as the simulation continues!

Meanwhile, Fourth Grade ACE students will soon be developing plans to build a lunar colony.  After conducting initial research into conditions on the moon and preparing maps of the surface of the moon, the fourth grade ACE students will be presented with a series of “Situation Sheets” and “Dilemma Cards”.  The “Situation Sheets” highlight specific lunar features with which the colonizing team must contend.  How will they manage the diminished gravity on the moon, for example?  What will they do about the oxygen situation?  “Dilemma Cards”, on the other hand, are designed to throw the kids a few curve balls. Budget cuts part way through the project mean the planning teams will need to slash their passenger lists. Who, then, will they keep on their limited list of colonists?  The project promises to engage the students in a great deal of discussion, research, collaboration, and creativity!

Have you heard of NaNoWriMo?  It’s what Fifth Grade ACE students in Ms. Danbury’s and Ms. Dengler’s Tiger Pause classes will be tackling!  NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month.  NaNoWriMo is sponsored by the Young Writer’s Program and challenges students to create a novel in 30 days.  Our fifth graders will be working through a slightly modified version of the program in order to accommodate the Tiger Pause schedule, but I’m guessing you’ll be amazed by some of the incredible ideas the kids will soon be generating!  Fifth Grade ACE students in Ms. Mueller’s and Mrs. Fay’s groups will be working on exploring different base systems including binary before heading into the world of problem solving strategies.  The overarching goal of this trimester’s work is to improve student flexibility and perseverance when faced with challenging problems,  as well as improve their ability to explain the thought processes in which they are engaged. (If you have a fifth grade child who has been identified for ACE in both Math and Humanities, don’t worry — they’ll have an opportunity to tackle enrichment in their other area of strength in another trimester!)

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