Math Alive!

MathAlive! is an interactive traveling exhibit that allows visitors to experience  math in action.  Since its inception in 2012, MathAlive! has traveled to a number of national and international locations and, from October 22nd until January 8th, it will be in nearby Hampton, Virginia, at the Virginia Air & Space Center.

Forty hands-on activities create fun experiences that bring math to life.  As a child interacts with the MathAlive! stations, he or she will see how math is a part of video games, sports, design, music, entertainment, space and robotics. There is even a virtual downhill snowboard race and a chance to capture a 360-degree freeze action “selfie.”

Create and play your own video game?  Check.  Edit your own animated movies?  Check.  Compete against others in a mountain bike race or jump into a “fractal dance party”?  Check, check.  Those unique, interactive experiences (and more!) will give you and your child a chance to apply math in the worlds of design, engineering, technology and science.

The exhibit is designed to appeal to all ages and levels of math ability, but has particular relevance for kids in grades 3-8. That makes your TJ student the perfect age!

Among the experts who collaborated in the creation of Math Alive! are NASA, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, National Society of Professional Engineers, MATHCOUNTS and the Society of Women Engineers.


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