1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = ACE

There’s always a method to my madness, and my last four blog posts have been no exception.  I plotted them out specifically so I could illustrate one point…

On September 30th, I wrote all about the Tiger Pause classes.  One week later, I posted an entry about Math Alive!  On the heels of that blog entry, I shared a few details about what the Level 2 ACE pull-out groups were up to.  And last week was all about differentiation.

Those four posts are representative of what the ACE program here at TJ is all about.  

(1)  DIFFERENTIATION is an expectation.  All ACE students should expect to have their program of instruction modified in terms of content, process, and product.

(2)  TIGER PAUSE ENRICHMENT CLASSES are a huge piece of the ACE puzzle here at TJ.  ACE students are routinely challenged and engaged through their Tiger Pause sessions.

(3)  I’m always on the look out for EXTRA CURRICULAR and CO-CURRICULAR ENRICHMENT OPPORTUNITIES to share.  That means when the National Geographic Geography Bee is nearing, I’ll let you know how it might impact your 4th or 5th grader.  If I hear about programs such as Rosie Riveters or Math Alive, I’ll let you know about them, too.

(4)  Another aspect of the ACE program are the several SMALL GROUP SESSIONS I run throughout the week.  This blog is a source for updates about our happenings, as well!


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