Math, Math, Math

Round 1 of Continental Math League wound up last week and, as the first session of Math Olympiad testing comes to a close this week, I thought I’d take a moment to share with you all some information about the three main math competitions available at TJ:  Math Olympiad, Continental Math League, and Math Kangaroo.

What they all have in common is that the goal of each program is to provide students with math problem solving experiences.  How they do so is somewhat varied.

Math Olympiad and the Continental Math League both have 5 meets per year.  Each of their meets last 30 minutes.  Math Kangaroo, on the other hand, has only one 75 minute meet each year.

The Math Olympiad requires authentic responses from the students.  Math Kangaroo has multiple choice questions.  The Continental Math League is a combination of both authentic responses and multiple choice.

The Math Olympiad and Math Kangaroo are both international in scope, while the Continental Math League has students competing nationally.

Both the Continental Math League and Math Kangaroo have students competing against others in their own grade level, while Math Olympiad involves competing against students in your own grade level and higher (4th graders, for example, compete against 4th-6th graders).

Here at TJ, Math Olympiad is available to all Level 2 ACE Math students in grades 4-5. All Level 2 ACE Math students in grades 4-5 also participate in the Continental Math League, and, in addition, it is available to any other grade 4-5 student by teacher request.  Finally, Math Kangaroo is available to the first 100 students at TJ to sign up (more info on that will be sent to you via my distribution list in about 10 minutes!).

Here is that same information in a chart, in case you’re someone who likes a visual:


We have lots of congratulations to pass out because we had lots of success with our first round of Math Olympiad and Continental Math League testing!

Soooo….congratulations to the only 5th grader to earn a perfect score of 6 in round one of Continental Math League:  Jeremy Katen.

Fourth graders had 16 (yes, you read that right – 16!) perfect scores of 6 in round one of Continental Math League.  Congratulations to:  Charlie Alexander, Adam Belouad, Ashwin Colby, Turner Crockett, Christopher Draper, Abby Fred, William Hladky, Paige Kessman, Elbetel Kiros, Grace Kummer, Elliot Lam, Sam Norton, Fletcher Saaty, Olivia Thenhaus, Alex Vennebush, and Eli Vennebush.

The first Math Olympiad challenge of the year resulted in three perfect scores of 5.  Super job, Christopher Draper, William Sutton and Joseph Cobucci!


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