Geography Bee Next Week

On Thursday, January 12th, TJ’s 4th and 5th grade students will have an opportunity to participate in the National Geographic Bee, a nationwide geography contest for schools.

There are three levels of competition:  school, state, and national.

The school level of competition begins during the week of January 12th  with the classroom level competitions.  Each teacher will be supplied with the same set of questions.  The students with the highest scores among the participating fourth and fifth grade students will advance to the final competition at our school (on Friday, January 13th).  At this time, a new set of questions will be used to determine the school’s top two students.  These two students will participate in the Championship Round.  The Championship Round determines the one student from the school who will compete for advancement to the State Bee.

To compete for advancement from the school to the state level, the winning student in each school must take a written, multiple-choice Qualifying Test.  The students in the state of Virginia who receive the highest scores will be invited to attend the State Bee.  The first place winner from the State Bee advances to the national level.

Some of the questions in the Bee will require knowledge of place names – a skill basic to geography – and of the location of cultural and physical features.  The distribution and patterns of languages, religions, economic activities, populations, and political systems will also be covered.  Students may be asked about cultural and physical regions or about physical phenomena, such as tectonic activity, landforms, climate, bodies of water, soils or flora and fauna.

The format of the Bee questions calls for brief answers, usually only a word or a phrase.  Questions may require interpretation of maps, graphs, and photographs.

The National Geographic Society posts a ten question quiz daily using questions from previous Bees.  You can find the quiz at:



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