Winner, Winner!

The Continental Math League testing at 4th and 5th grade is now complete. Throughout the year, close to 200 students in fourth and fifth grade chose to participate in the Continental Math League and a whopping 61 of those students earned a perfect score at some point throughout the year!  Here’s a listing of those students:

TEST 1Tucker Albaugh, Charlie Alexander, Adam Belouad, Ashwin Colby, Turner Crockett, Christopher Draper, Abby Fred, William Hladky, Jeremy Katen, Paige Kessman, Elbetel Kiros, Grace Kummer, Elliot Lam, Sam Norton, Fletcher Saaty, Olivia Thenhaus, Alex Vennebush & Eli Vennebush

TEST 2Tucker Albaugh, Edward Bogoslovskiy, Quinn Drennan, Davy Gaskins, George Salmoiraghi, William Sutton & Eli Vennebush

TEST 3Tucker Albaugh, Edward Bogoslovskiy, Gavin Donnelly, Christopher Draper, Ginnie-Li Heretick, Noah Horowitz, Jeremy Katen, Elliot Lam, Carlos Ortiz, Jose Perez, Carson Ramey, Kate Snyder, William Sutton, David Ting, Maureen Tremblay, Alex Vennebush, Eli Vennebush & Carter Williams

TEST 4:  Tucker Albaugh, Billy Asel, Edward Bogoslovskiy, Sammy Fried, Robert Fritsch, Jarrett Jardine, Preston Lieu, Nathan Prichard, Lucy Rhee, William Sutton, Mya Taheri, Vedika Thapliya, Alex Vennebush & Eli Vennebush

TEST 5Wendy Abstone, Yahya Ahmad, Tucker Albaugh, Charlie Alexander, Billy Asel, Adam Belouad, Edward Bogoslovskiy, Ethan Bong, Sophia Carney, Elena Clark Wilson, Ashwin Colby, Mercer Colby, Wes Crawford, Turner Crockett, Christopher Draper, Sam Ettinger, Jack Freas, Abby Fred, Robert Fritsch, Tilly Gale, Ginnie-Li Heretick, Jeremy Katen, Paige Kessman, Elbetel Kiros, Ben Kozbelt, Joe Kritenbrink, Preston Lieu, Calvin Mayer, Ben Mossburg, Molly Mostow, Noah Peng, Lucy Rhee, Fletcher Saaty, Henry Singh, Kate Snyder, Lydia Sturgill, William Sutton, Charlie Taylor, Vedika Thapliya, Olivia Thenhaus, Alex Vennebush, Eli Vennebush, & Domanic Zacharias Martin.

Our top three scorers in 4th grade were:  Eli Vennebush, who finished with a perfect score of 30 for the year, Alex Vennebush, with a score of 29, and Edward Bogoslovskiy, with a score of 28.

Our top three scorers in 5th grade were:  Tucker Albaugh, who earned a perfect score of 30, William Sutton, not far behind with a score of 29, and Jeremy Katen, who rounded out the top three with a score of 26.

Team scores are based on the top 6 scores from each round of testing.  With 6 questions per test, that means a perfect score is 180.  Our fifth graders ended up with a final team score of 167; our fourth graders ended up with a final team score of 177.  I’m not sure where those numbers will take us, but after the fourth test, our fourth graders were ranked third in the nation, so I suspect some good news will be coming our way!  As soon as I know anything, I’ll post it here!





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