A Note of Thanks

Over the past few weeks my life has amped up because of my role on the Odyssey of the Mind Board of Directors and my part in running a Math Kangaroo center.  As hectic as things have been, nothing could have been accomplished without the help and support of parents and staff.

First of all, I’d like to thank Jess Sabo and Brian Kulok for sorting out all of the t-shirts, pencils, certificates, and souvenirs by testing site.  Their organization and willingness to give up a chunk of time in the middle of the day was a tremendous help!

I’d also like to give a shout out to Motrya Manalac, Dawn England, Brooke Davis, Christine Stillwagoner, and Jillian Johnston for giving up their classroom spaces so that the Math Kangaroo competition had a place to unfold.  All five of these ladies graciously agreed to let me fill their rooms with unknown kids and parents!  An extra nod of gratitude to Ms. Johnston for jumping in to help lay out all the t-shirts, certificates, pencils, and testing papers on Thursday.

Thanks also go to Jeanne Seabridge and the ESOL Advisory Committee.  When we realized the Library had been double booked, Jeanne graciously agreed to relocate her meeting.

I also appreciate Bridget Kraft and Debbie Liang.  They took on the Math Kangaroo registration desk, greeted everyone warmly, and kept things running smoothly.  Bridget even jumped in to run an unexpected testing site when a parent and his child showed up late, rather than have a child be disappointed.

Lisa Mueller, Lisa Allan, Shelly Skomra, Rob Carey, Layton McCann, Scarlett Williams, Mary Kelly, and Karin Ritchey all proctored testing sites.   They kept a watchful eye on the students and helped everyone stay calm and focused.

I’m doubly grateful to Lisa Mueller, Lisa Allan, Shelly Skomra, and Rob Carey because not only did they show up on Thursday for the Math Kangaroo event, but they ALSO dedicated an entire Saturday to Odyssey of the Mind.  They cheered on some of TJ‘s teams, ran the front desk at the competition, and supported every last minute need I threw at them!  (And there were plenty of those!!)

A final note of gratitude to Paul Swanson.  As a principal, he’s called on to do all sorts of things and the demands on his time are myriad, so it means even more that he showed up at the Odyssey of the Mind competition to show support for all of our teams.

If I’ve forgotten anyone I apologize.  But please know that I’m extraordinarily grateful to work in a community where support is always just around the corner or up the stairs.

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