Boxes, Bridges, and Words, Words, Words!

ACE Level 2 students have been busy as can be these past few weeks!

BOXES:  Third grade math students have been creating boxes as a culmination to their spatial reasoning unit.  After looking at the nets of a variety of three dimensional shapes, the kids set forth to create their own nets.  Each net had to be able to form a box which could hold 18 candies of a specific dimension.  As nets and boxes were created, discarded, and improved, the fictional, yet highly demanding,  Sweet Candy Corporation added new box requirements (Closures are a must!  Customers demand boxes with pizzazz!  Boxes can’t look like they’ve been kicked around by wild monkeys!).  Next week final designs will be submitted for consideration to a panel of fifth grade judges and the creators of the winning design will receive a prize!  For now, take a look at some of the masterpieces in progress…IMG_2224

BRIDGES:  The fun problem solving work in 4th grade has continued!  In today’s example, a scenario was laid out on the blacktop using sidewalk chalk.  Two islands were connected to the mainland and each other via seven bridges.  The kids had to find a path which took them across each and every bridge once (but only once!).  Logical reasoning kicked into high gear when the fourth graders tried to explain what they discovered!  A super quick video can be found here:  7 Bridges

AND WORDS, WORDS, WORDS:  In Language Arts, 3rd graders are winding up their Word Play unit.  They’ve had great fun exploring palindromes, sesquipedalian expressions, anagrams, pangrams, Cockney Rhyming Slang and more these past few weeks.  We’re currently working on lipograms, a sort of constrained writing.  The kids were assigned a poem and told to rewrite it without a particular letter while maintaining the meaning and the rhyme scheme.  This is definitely trickier than it looks!  How would you do, for example, if you had to rewrite Little Jack Horner without the letter “i”?  Well, it might look something like this (this poem brought to you by the Schimmoller/DuBois ACE kids):

Karen van Wubble

Flew by her bubble

and danced a ducky dance.  

She yelled, “Yucky cheese!

Can we have less, please?”

Then her bubble was popped by a lance!

Each class worked on one lipogram together before the students set off to create their own masterpieces!

Meanwhile, 4th grade ACE Level 2 students are using their words to engage in a series of historical debates.  Opposing sides have already argued about which trip was better – the Titanic or the Hindenburg.  Some have also debated about which job was preferable – digging the Panama Canal or carving Mount Rushmore?  Up next:  Alexander the Great or Catherine the Great — who was greater?

Finally, in 5th grade, rain forest research is finished, scripts are set, background scenery is complete, and claymation characters are almost done!  Here’s a sneak peek of how things are shaping up:  IMG_2226

Filming should start within the next week!


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  1. Wild monkeys can’t catch a break! Ha! Every time I read your blog, I want to sit down and try the activities at home. I guess I’m in the right profession. (And a huge nerd.)

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