Oh, My Word!

Another successful round of the Word Masters Challenge is now in the books.  Congratulations to our top scoring third graders, Charlotte Secrist and Xavier Smith who each earned 19 points.   Edan Thomton and John Steyn weren’t far behind with 18 points each.  And Pauline Bong, Gabriel Hjerstedt, and Mohan Parthasarathy each had strong showings with scores of 17.

Our fourth grade Word Masters team also excelled.  Topping the charts with perfect scores of 20 were Jack Callan and Mia Sabo.  Close on their heels, each with scores of 18, were Hannah Boesen, Binyamin Hassan, Atticus Kim, and Nick Zochowski.  Sylvia Witt, Lorien Jackson, and Ezra Fine rounded out the top spots in fourth grade with scores of 17.

Kudos to Ella Rose Yates, the only fifth grader to earn a perfect score of 20.  Eli Vennebush, Mya Taheri, Lydia Sturgill, and Anand Colby all impressed with their solid scores of 18.  Wendy Abstone, Ashwin Colby, Abby Crespin, and Alex Vennebush all proved to be strong contenders with their scores of 17.

Job well done, everyone!


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