A few months ago, the parents of fifth grade ACE students were invited to sign up their children to participate in something called MathCon.  Never having participated in MathCon before, I tried to communicate to the parents just how little I knew about what would be happening, yet lots of fifth grade parents took a leap of faith and allowed their children to give it a shot.

I have since learned a lot about MathCon.  It is a competition offered to 5th through 12th graders.  One flat fee allows us to have as many 5th graders involved as demonstrate interest.  It is a one time, on-line test.  The kids are provided a code which enables them to log onto the MathCon site.  After logging in, they can then take up to 45 minutes to answer 45 multiple choice questions.  The students are provided with calculators, because the emphasis is on the problem solving, not the computation.

TJ’s inaugural MathCon participation took place on a Wednesday at the end of February.  Students from across the fifth grade joined me and Mrs. Coates in the cafeteria and set to work.  As each child completed his/her test they were provided a score.  We had no idea what the scores meant…until Friday night.  And then the good news rolled in!

TJ was notified that SIX fifth graders scored high enough that they were being invited to the national finals in Chicago.  On May 5th, Ashwin Colby, Christopher Draper, Abby Fred, Mya Taheri, Alex Vennebush, and Eli Vennebush will represent our school at the University of Illinois Chicago.  And as if that weren’t enough, five more students were placed on a wait list.  We’ll hear soon if Mercer Colby, Turner Crockett, Casey Dimock, Elliot Lam, and Lydia Sturgill will be heading to Chi-town as well.  And the number of students earning Honorable Mentions was pretty astounding!  A round of congratulations to all of our Honorable Mention recipients:  Charlie Alexander, John Alverson, Adam Belouad, Cade Bookout, Grace Calabrese, Elena Clark Wilson, Anand Colby, Wes Crawford, Turner Crockett, Karsten Crosby, Delaney Flanagan, Jarrett Jardine, Paige Kessman, Elbetel Kiros, Grace Kummer, Preston Lieu, Nathan Prichard, Elizabeth Secrist, Joyce Tadesse Kassa, and Charlie Taylor.



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