The Luck o’ the Irish was with TJ!

The Odyssey of the Mind regional competition wrapped up just a few short hours ago and it seems on this St. Patrick’s Day that we had the luck of the Irish with us.  That, and a whole bunch of created, talented students!

Over 100 TJ students spent months crafting solutions to a series of problems.  After presenting their solutions to teams of judges today, the students were rewarded with a huge variety of certificates, ribbons, and medals.

Winning third place in the Triathlon Travels problem, in which teams rode on and drove original vehicles in a triathlon which included curling, jousting, and track, was the team of Oliver Csazi, Cameron Dunn, Molly Mostow, Jamie Friedlander, Nico Scappa, Christopher Draper, and Sicily Smith.

TJ had two teams win 2nd place.  One of our second place teams competed in a problem called A Stellar Hangout.  They created a humorous performance centered on an intergalactic hangout that included original creatures, foods, and a search for space treasure.  Congratulations to Grace Calabrese, Elena Clark Wilson, Isabella Gardner, Paige Kessman, Emily Borum, Katrina Hardt, and Vedika Thapliya!

Our other second place team solved a problem called Mockumentary! Seriously?  The team chose a classic story and presented different characters in a humorous documentary-style performance.  Kudos to Grayson Groeneveld, Karsten Crosby, Lily Chaney, Owen Kanigan, Safir Khandaker, Constance Macintosh, and Sasha Carnegie!

TJ had two first place teams, as well!  The Mockumentary! Seriously? team of Corinne Levitt, Louise Meade, Lily Simmons, Roshan Mawji Ragland, Anjali Virmani, Sylvia Witt, and Catherine Buchholz topped the charts, as did the Animal House team of Ashley Winters, Zoe Kalafat, Evija Plummer, Adeline Ziegler, Evelyn Shamber, Camilla Artiedamarin, and Isabella Ramirez.  The Animal House team constructed a structure out of balsa wood which was designed to hold as much weight as possible.  Using less than 15 grams of balsa wood, the team made a structure which held 177 pounds.  Amazing!  

One of the highest honors a team can achieve in the world of Odyssey is to receive an OMER award.  OMER awards are given in recognition of individuals or teams who demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship, exemplary behavior, or exceptional talent.  The Animal House team of Dylan Bintorio, Lauren Banko, Lana Heard, Griffin Hardi, Leo Morris, Maura Hughes and Calvin Matton represented TJ with honor, as did the Triathlon Travels team of Delaney Flanagan, Emma Flanagan, Sara Meade, Lila Deering, Colleen Hauptmann, Gia Khan, and Sophie Weisert.

Job well done, everyone!


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