My Oh My Oh Math Con

It’s hard to believe that just one week ago today, I was in Chicago with a pretty incredible group of fifth grade students.  The journey started when a parent suggested that TJ participate in the Math Con competition.  I quickly jumped on board, signed us up, and sent an email to fifth grade ACE parents looking for participants willing to give something new a try.

When February rolled around, the fifth graders joined Laura Coates and me in the TJ cafeteria one morning to take on the preliminary challenge.  As each student’s work was completed, their computer screens displayed scores like 287, 320, or 382.  At first, none of us knew how those scores ranked, but it wasn’t long before we learned they were pretty darn good; the top 1% of all students nationwide were invited to Chicago for the Math Con finals and TJ had seven students included on that elite list.  Seven.  Seriously.

The finals were held last weekend and after a long day of testing, games, and all around fun, we found ourselves at the awards ceremony awaiting the results.  Fifth grader Abby Fred did an incredible job representing our team. We all cheered with excitement when it was announced that Christopher Draper, Elliot Lam, and Mya Taheri had all earned honorable mentions.  The awards ceremony continued apace and we quickly learned that Ashwin Colby had earned a bronze medal for his performance.  And if that’s not enough for you, just a few minutes later Eli Vennebush’s name was revealed as the winner of  the Math Con gold medal.    Think I’m done?  You’re wrong.  To top off the evening, we learned that the national champion was TJ’s own Alex Vennebush.

I would say that our first foray into Math Con was quite a success.  So, fourth grade ACE parents, we’ll be at it again next year. Look for an email from me some time in January and keep your calendar clear for May.  You might be going to Chicago…


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