A Few Minutes of Fun

If you find yourself with eight spare minutes at this super busy time of year and you’re looking for something to entertain you, then go no further!

Brought to you by Level 2 ACE English fifth graders — a delightful assortment of claymation videos!  Although the total running time of all eight videos is a mere 7 minutes and 46 seconds, these videos represent hours of prep time.

Their research of the history of the Ottoman Empire revealed any number of interesting facts.  Did you know that “you have a cold to your head” means you’ve gone crazy?  Or that the Ottoman Empire introduced Europeans to tulips (which quickly became extraordinarily valuable!)?  The fifth graders found out that the sultan’s executioner was also his head gardener (and, his head gardener…) and that one sultan outlawed coffee and then quickly set about executing those who drank it (although he continued to drink coffee himself).  They learned about fezzes and turbans and Turkish delight, the Topkapi palace and Istanbul and Suleiman the Magnificent.    They discovered the story of Murad III, the Sultan who had a dream about walking on water and milk pouring from his fingers, and they found out about the Sultan’s special pottery which would change color to reveal poison in his food.

They created background scenery, crafted scripts, and sculpted characters from clay.  The attention to detail is impressive.  Enjoy!

The Battle of the Brothers

The Battle of Constantinople

Just a Sip of Coffee

Ottoman Fashion Week

The Fez Thief


The Price to Pay

An Unexpected Gift



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