About the Teachers

This is Beth Green’s fourth year in Falls Church and her second as a gifted resource teacher.  She has been teaching for thirteen years and was previously the PYP Coordinator at Mount Daniel as well as a classroom teacher in Fairfax County for third and fourth grade students identified as Gifted & Talented.  She holds a B.S. in Political Science from the University of California, San Diego, an M.Ed. from Marymount University, a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and has completed her gifted education endorsement for Virginia.  Mrs. Green works with the kindergarten, first and second grade ACE students and can be reached by phone at 703-248-5640 ex 3363 (M, W & F)  or by e-mail at greenb@fccps.org.

Heidi Lang has been working in Falls Church for over twenty-five years.  She holds a B.S.Ed. from George Mason University, an M.Ed. from Marymount University, and has completed extensive coursework in the area of Gifted Education.  She became a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in 2011.  Ms. Lang received the 1996 Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award, was nominated for the Disney Creative Teaching Award, and was recently recognized as a Gifted Teacher of the Year by the Northern Virginia Council for Gifted/Talented Education.  She is the co-author of Camp Fraction, a teacher resource book focusing on problem solving using fractions.  Ms. Lang works with third, fourth, and fifth grade ACE students and can be reached by e-mail at langh@fccps.org .

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