Links for Kids

Love a good math challenge? Then check out the Math Olympiad Problem of the Month!
Math Olympiad Problem of the Month

Sharpen your geography skills by taking the National Geographic daily quiz!
Geography Bee Daily Quiz

Hooda Math is home to some fun logic games, including “Sugar Sugar”, “Doggnation”, and “Factory Balls”. Play them all!
Hooda Math

Here’s where you can find “Pickies”, “Snail Bob”, “Speedy” and more!
Math Playground

Give one of the latest games from the geniuses at Think Fun a try!
Laser Maze

A classic strategy game.  Played with snails.  Seriously.

Can you get the red car out of the traffic jam?
Rush Hour

Biology? Archaeology? Paleontology? Which “ology” are you interested in? This site gives you a chance to explore a variety of “ologies” through the American Museum of Natural History.

If you love space, check out this site from NASA.
NASA Kids’ Club

Lots of cool science games!
Science Museum of London

Walk through the town of Williamsburg, work your way through Mr. Jefferson’s Magical Maze, or play coffee bean solitaire!
Colonial Williamsburg

Learn more about domes, bridges, and skyscrapers, then try your hand at some engineering of your own!
Building Big

Learn more about this fabulous author through a variety of interactive games!
Chris Van Allsburg

Find out what the CIA is all about, play games, and solve puzzles.
Central Intelligence Agency

Home of the Excellence in Reading Award (and a bunch of cool games!)
Mensa for Kids

Use your Hologram Viewer on this page!
Hologram 1

This is a hologram of a cat.
Hologram 2

Hologram 3

My Little Pony

Hologram 4

Skeleton Dance
Hologram 5

Sponge Bob
Hologram 6

Rubik’s Cube

Hologram 7

Kung Fu Panda
Hologram 8