Philosophy Slam

The Philosophy Slam for Kids is an annual contest in which students are given the opportunity to express their feelings or ideas about a philosophical question. Students may use any creative combination of words and artwork to do so. It’s a perfect open ended activity for some of our deep thinkers!
A national winner is selected from each grade level, K-12. Just last year, TJ’s very own Atticus K. was declared the “Most Philosophical 3rd Grader in America”!
There are no entry fees (the ACE program takes care of that). All you have to do is share the idea with your child, provide a place and time to do the work (as well as a lot of encouragement), and then hand in completed masterpieces to me by TBD. I’ll package up all the entries and send them off!

The 2018 Philosophy Slam question is….

 TBD!  Typically announced in October!
To participate in KPS, just follow these guidelines. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Plan on handing in your KPS entry to Ms. Lang by TBD.

2. Clearly label your entry with the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Age
  • Grade Level
  • Teacher: Ms. Lang (I’m the contact for this, so you’ll need my name here, not the classroom teacher’s name).
  • School: Thomas Jefferson Elementary
  • Address: 601 South Oak Street, Falls Church, VA, 22046
  • Ph. #: 703-248-5660
  • Email:
  • (For essays, put this information on the TOP FRONT of your essay. For artwork, please securely label this information on the BACK of the artwork only.)


3. Understand the criteria for judging: Entries in this age category will be judged on creativity, originality and overall strength of the message.