Program Outline

The Academic and Creative Endeavors Program (ACE) at Thomas Jefferson strives to support and enrich the general education program.  Gifted specialists help the classroom teachers with the process of differentiation and are available to model lessons, create learning centers, and help plan lessons that will extend the understanding of ACE students.  The Gifted Specialists also help to make parents aware of special programs, such as the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, the George Mason University Summer Enrichment Campand the University of Virginia Summer Enrichment Program.

Starting in third grade, services for ACE students are provided at two different levels.

Level 1 ACE students receive differentiated curriculum in the classroom.  This curriculum has been designed to support the needs and learning styles of our most capable students.  Additionally, Level 1 ACE students work with one of a cohort of teachers with (or working toward) Virginia gifted endorsements during Tiger Pause enrichment sessions.

Academic & Creative Endeavors Program LEVEL 1 CURRICULUM OVERVIEW

Level 2 ACE students, in addition to the services described above, work on a regular basis with the Gifted Specialist.  Explicit thinking skills are taught at each grade level, and students are presented further opportunities to explore math and humanities enrichment topics during regularly scheduled pull-out sessions.


Academic & Creative Endeavors Program LEVEL 2 CURRICULUM OVERVIEW